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If you’re thinking about buying a top of the range cell phone, then you probably want the best device that you can get for your money. After all, if you’re spending hundreds of pounds on a phone, you want it to be a good one. There are a great many top of the line mobile devices on the market currently, and choosing which one to buy can be difficult. Great phones sometimes seem to be more similar than they are different. Today’s case in point is the HTC Droid DNA and the Sony Xperia Z. These phones have an awful lot in common. They’re both Android devices, running Android’s 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system. They retail at around the same price with most mobile service providers. They even look extremely similar. So, if presented with the choice, which one should you go for? We put these to devices to the test, a head to head comparison to find out what exactly the differences are between them. And we did find some small differences, but are they enough for us to recommend one device over the other? Keep reading to find out…

Why You Should Go for the Sony Xperia Z…

The Xperia is a pretty awesome device, and it does have a few advantages over the HTC Droid. Firstly, the screen quality is slightly better. The Xperia comes with a TFT LCD screen, rather than the older LCD type screen on the Droid. That means you get better colour reproduction, and that the display is a little brighter. Secondly there is, what is probably the Xperia’s best feature, its camera. The Sony has a massive 13 MP built in camera, as opposed to the regular old 8 MP camera on the HTC. This results in the fact that the photos taken with the Xperia are far higher quality and has more fine detail than those taken using the Droid. If you’re a fan of cell phone cameras, the Xperia’s camera is must have. There were a couple of other small differences. The Xperia comes in a little thinner, measuring eight millimetres as compared to the Droid’s nine millimetres. And it’s also around twenty per cent generally smaller than the Droid, making it that much more portable. These aren’t huge differences in measurement, but for something that’s going to be carried around in your pocket all day, they might make the difference.

Why You Might Want the HTC Droid DNA…

The HTC really has only one advantage over the Xperia, and it’s not a big one. The Droid comes in around ten per cent lighter than the Sony, weighing 138 g as compared to the 146 g of the Xperia. And that’s the only category in which the Droid beat out the Xperia.

So, Which One Should I Buy?

These are both absolutely excellent devices, and both good buys, it’s as simple as that. Your money would be well spent on either of these. However, if we have to make a choice, we’d go for the Sony Xperia X. That huge 13 MP camera just gives the Xperia the edge, in our opinion.

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