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If you’re wondering what smartphone people have been gushing over following the release of Apple’s iPhone 5, it would likely be the new Galaxy Note II from Samsung. Of course, previously the Korean company had even refused to refer to its predecessor as a smartphone. They preferred to see it as a tablet – that just happened to have a phone. Nowadays, however, with impressive sales to support Galaxy Note I and II, Samsung hasn’t any qualms any longer about referring to its latest Note model as a smartphone. And it’s a powerful one at that.

Here’s a quick look of the most important items under its list of specifications.

  • It’s capable of accessing 3G HSPA and 4G LTE networks
  • It’s powered by a 1.6 GHz quad-core processor
  • It runs on Jelly Bean or version 4.1 of the Android OS
  • It has a 5.55” HD display – which is just about an inch longer than that of the iPhone 5
  • It’s still longer than all the major smartphones at 151.1mm and 80.5mm in width
  • Built-in memory choices are 16, 32, and 64GB but you also get to enjoy an expandable micro SD slot that can read up to 64GB
  • You still have the S-pen
  • Back camera is 8MP (at par with the iPhone 5) with auto-focus and LED flash while front camera is 1.9MP
  • For connectivity, you get to enjoy Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a USB 2.0 port

After iPhone 5 – What Next

Pros and Cons

It’s inevitable to compare the Samsung Galaxy Note II to the iPhone 5. What’s surprising, however, is that Apple’s ultra-popular smartphone does not actually end up beating Samsung’s mobile device into a bloody pulp. In fact, there are some aspects in which Samsung’s Galaxy Note II is able to more than hold up on its own.

PRO: Battery lifeUnlike with the iPhone, you get a huge battery that you can actually replace with another for continuous performance. If you don’t find those mobile chargers, battery boosters or juice packs handy, then maybe another replacement battery won’t be too much for you to lug around with your Note II?

CON: ExpensiveIt currently sells for about 530 pounds – and that’s certainly a lot more cash you have to cough out compared to what you would have to pay with the iPhone 5. Of the various things that could prevent Note II from enjoying continuously increasing sales, this is probably serves as its greatest hurdle as far as the consumer market is concerned.

PRO: Expandable memorySamsung knows how to hit it where it hurts, and when it comes to the iPhone 5 its memory limitation is definitely one of its Achilles’ heels. With Apple’s iOS devices, you can only work with the built-in storage space that comes with it and the additional storage you can pay to access through its iCloud. But with Samsung’s Galaxy Note II any micro SD card that’s no greater than 64GB may be used with it.

Con: S-PenFinally, if you are wondering why there hasn’t been much of a fuss made about the S-pen even with its inception with the first-generation Samsung Galaxy Note, that’s because there’s really not much to enjoy when you use the device’s handy dandy stylus. It has potential – but at the moment, that’s all there is to it: unrealized potential.

Finally, another excellent competitive advantage Samsung Galaxy Note II has over the iPhone 5 is the fact that it offers more internet options for connectivity. Aside from the usual access to 3G and 4G networks and Wi-Fi, your device may also be able to work with a USB router or dongle for connectivity.

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