A website can be designed by either using a Web Editor, a CMS (Content Management System) or Online Site Builder, etc. You may wonder how difficult it would be for a web developer to choose a convenient method among them. Well, every method is distinguishable from each other and has their own set of advantages. We here mention some benefits of using Online Site Builder over Web Editor. But, before we begin, let us get familiar with how these two ways work out to construct and design a website.

website builder

Online Website Builder

You are just required to use your Web Browser to visit Web Host’s site and develop your website on their respective site. There are lot of vendors available in market like 1&1 who offers awesome online website builders for you. Once you create your web pages on the web host, of your choice, it gets published on your website with visibility mode to everyone worldwide. The basic idea is that you need not use any software on your PC.

Standalone Web Editor

A Standalone Web Editor can be figured out as an offline Site Builder. It uses editors like Dreamweaver to design the web pages which are later supposed to be published manually. It is particularly mentioned as Standalone since the entire building up of the website is the responsibility of the developer; he must carry out each and every task by his own skill. The user has no advance aid of internet. Initially, the page you design using web editor has to be run on your PC and then get it uploaded on your website.

Advantages of Online Site Builder over Standalone Web Editors

Below you will find the answer to as to why people choose online site builders and what plus points they posses over Standalone web editors. This is basically due to the variety of options and services provided by the different web hosts.

Procedural Guide

Wherein there is a matter of completing any job, every person primarily notes down or gets determined with few particular steps he needs to follow while working on it. The online site builders are preferred for this reason; they give step-wise aid in designing the website. It guides the developer to take a look on the several options it provides like helping him to select a layout, template and simultaneously direct him to write the matter. It sounds too effective and the job is completed quickly and comfortably, especially for a newbie. Whereas, for a standalone web editor user, it becomes time consuming to plan out the entire design and may end up missing out some part of task which was supposed to be done.

No Backup Risk

The web pages created using web editors will be stored on your PCs as they are designed offline. This means there will be a backup of your website content. Well, this isn’t totally advantageous since it can be plagiarized by other users on your machine. Hence, you are saved from the risk of backup of your files by using online site builders.

Template Designs

In order to provide an eye-pleasing and attractive look to your web pages, the web hosts offer you free (and even premium) and pre-built template designs and tools. You need not struggle or invest your time in designing your own template for your web pages as the one using standalone web editor has to do. This not only saves your time, but also gives you chance to keep altering your site’s appearance with variety of templates provided.

Online Uploading

One can consider this as the major benefit of using online site builder, especially the one who is not much aware about the manual publishing of the web pages on the World Wide Web. Unlike the web editor method, the usage of site builder method for creating website doesn’t require the developer to manually publish or upload his web pages. As mentioned earlier, the web pages are designed online on the web host and directly published on your site.

You are now acknowledged with some important beneficial points of online site builders that convince you to choose its way rather than the standalone web editors. However, it after all depends on the convenience and comfort level of the developer. Thus, choose the method of creating website by taking your basic requirements into consideration. Have a happy site.