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John Myers an office supply clerk invents “Tab With U” a way for a tablet to remain with you without the added bulk of the carrying case. “Tab With U” is no case at all. Many people have already expressed the desire to keep their tablet with them. “I won’t have to remember where I set it down,” said a college student. Conventions and seminars would love to hand this out with their logos on them, said an event coordinator.  “Have The World At Your Finger Tips, Never Put It Down”.

Amazing tablet carrying case you will must like for your latest iPad and Tablets.


Revolutionary Strap Eliminates Need for Tablet Cases or Bag Storage

How many of you own a tablet or iPad? Now how many of you carry those around with you in cases or bags, having to rustle through your bag to find the case in which your tablet resides, all so you can watch that funny video of a dog walking on 2 feet that your friend has just told you about. Not worth the hassle right? “I’ll just watch it later” some of you might say, and I don’t blame you.

What if I told you that there’s a more convenient and faster way to carry your tablets around and use them without the added fuss of having to enter the lair that is, your bag. I’d be willing to bet you’d jump at the chance of knowing just ‘HOW’ that can be achieved? Am I right? No? Keep reading anyway!

Introducing the ‘Tab With U”, a tablet carrying solution that acts as a case, without actually ‘BEING’ a case. This smart little strap comes with a tab attached that gets placed behind your tablet and allows you to wear it as if you would a guitar, school bag or any other such type of bag that you can think of which goes over your head and across the body.

Now whilst this is all very interesting, I was particularly impressed with the choosing of the product name, and once I found out what “Tab With U” was short for, I just had to smile, quickly followed by an “Aha! I should have known that!” moment. The product name is short for “Tablet With You”, and the smart thing is that when you shorten tablet and remove the ‘let’, you are left with tab, which is what is used to keep the tablet held up on the strap, which I found to be ingenious! Or maybe I’m just easily impressed? Either way you’ve got to hand it to John Myers (The creator of Tab With U), he’s come up with a pretty neat name! Hats off to you, sir.

Moving back to the product itself, you can see just why this product may appeal to the masses of tablet users.

The objective is clear, if you want to use your tablet on the go, and would prefer not to have to carry or store it in your bag; this is the solution, plain and simple. Unless they devise a floating tablet that is designed to follow you around, there isn’t going to be a more efficient way of carrying it around with almost instant access.

It is said that in today’s society our biggest power is information, and if that’s available to you within a blink of an eye, can you really afford NOT to check this out? Alright, maybe I’m exaggerating, but if you’re looking for a solution to carrying your tablet around that allows you to get instant access to it, I recommend checking out “Tab With U”.

I personally recommend and request all my visitors to support the launch and reap the rewards for your pledge. Here is your chance to reap the rewards and support this new innovation. This project is called “Tab With U” on where you can check out his funny Gangnam Style infomercial at

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