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Everyone wants to be a blogger these days. You hear about some crazy people living out their dreams and you want it to be you. Becoming a blogger is almost like what becoming a rock star was last century. Just grab a domain name and some hosting then you’re ready to go. This is technically all you need to get started, but what happens when something goes wrong. When you have an online business there’s a very real danger that everything can be destroyed while you are sleeping one night.
Anything could happen to your computer and if you haven’t thought about how you will deal with disaster then I suggest you do nothing else until you spend a few hours sorting it out. It might not mean much to you at the moment if you’re not making any money, but if everything was to disappear you would be left with nothing. What’s likely to happen is that you would give up, because starting again is too much work and you can’t bring yourself to do it. Don’t let it happen in the first place by implementing some of these security strategies.

Backup your entire system

Anyone with a laptop or desktop can use the services of a company like Carbonite. It will usually cost about a hundred dollars per year, but your entire system will be regularly backed up without you having to do anything. All you need to do at the start is install the program on your computer and from then on it will automatically backup everything to a storage space in the cloud. Should anything tragic happen to your computer you can copy your entire system onto a new machine.

Use keylogging software

It’s always good to have peace of mind and that means knowing you’re the only one using your work computer. If you work in shared office space then there is always that odd person who can’t be trusted. You don’t want anyone going on your machine who could be looking at things they shouldn’t be, or they could even be stealing some of your work. If you have keylogging software installed you’ll know if anyone has been doing anything when you weren’t there.

Use Dropbox

Most bloggers will do lots of writing and possibly edit some photos to upload onto their website. Those kinds of files are perfect for Dropbox. You can get a special folder on your desktop and once anything is inside it will automatically sync to your online storage space. You can also use Dropbox with a tablet, because most writing and design apps will let you sync with your storage space and save everything whenever you want.

Keep your blog safe

Nearly all blogs in the Internet are run on WordPress, so I’m going to use it as the example. There will be special security plug-ins you can install that will stop hackers from getting into your site. It won’t stop any great ones, there’s not much that will, but it will certainly stop the rubbish hackers who just try to attack your site with a million password combinations. Some of the plug-ins will automatically ban someone when they enter the wrong password five times.

Remember all your passwords

Any blogger has about a hundred different passwords. If you don’t have them just now you will eventually. It’s pretty impossible to remember all of them unless you’re the Rainman. Make it easy on yourself and use a password management system. Once you throw all your passwords on there you only need to remember your master password. Remembering one is much easier than one hundred.


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