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MS Office is an office suite of application which revolutionized complete working style on computers since it was first announced by Bill gates on Aug 1988. For the past two decades since its evolution it has rocked the world with its whole bunch of useful features and functionalities. Can we imagine the hardship of pre computer era being totally dependent on pen and paper for drafting multitude of write- up personally and professionally? Microsoft is doing pretty good job for providing complete new version of office to its users when it is felt that more refinements and fine tuning can improve the productivity on this suite. The complete new launch of MS Office 2016 can become the most sought after suite owing to its goodies that can charm any person from computer geek to computer novice. Let’s find out some amazing add ups in this suite at brief that can make working on all new Office 2016 as never before experience full of all new hi-end components

Real-Time Co-Editing

Now this sounds great when you can become more productive with added feature of co –authoring that means that more than one user can work simultaneously on word and PowerPoint in real time on the document.

Tell me

You have the real virtual guide provided by Microsoft in MS Office 2016 like you need not fumble when you are stuck with something new to be done on MS Office 2016. Often many a times being so good on computers I really find it difficult to use many common functions available on MS office and doing a research on using them is really time consuming. So now you can type in your queries to smart Tell me assistance to overcome your difficulties.

Smart lookup

Smart Lookup makes working on MS Office 2016 more intelligent and smart. As the name defines its functions Smart Lookup smartly look for things as asked by the user on MS Office word and Outlook including Excel and PowerPoint. This feature allows the user to research specific content, word, phrases and many more from various online web information sources via Bing search.

Skype and One Drive integration

One Drive integration would be the widening of MS office functionalities on cloud storage file hosting service that supports access of office document from anywhere on any device .Skype would enhance MS Office productivity with online meeting call or video chat with team members and sharing files online for multitasking.

Enterprise Data Protection

To manage and prevent data loss at enterprise level, MS Office 2016 comes paced with inbuilt security feature that provide an ease for system admin to enforce policies for content authoring and document sharing. With this feature you have the full restrictions on files that can be sent to a particular person and further prevent data from being copied and pasted outside in Office 2016 environment.


With a combination of advanced Sway the traditional PowerPoint metamorphoses into multifunctional storytelling data presentation. Feature- rich to create media rich presentation enhanced by images, videos, social media integration that give more the feel of an e-book or e- magazine layout for improved audience focus.

Outlook 2016

  • Better Team work
    • Outlook functioning will be enhanced with added collaboration of office 365 group, Outlook Desktop Groups and Office 365 Enterprise Mailboxes, that will enable you to manage your inbox, calendar, notebook and OneDrive at one place and you can keep check on group activity.
  • Clutter
    • On the basis of your past activities on accessed emails Outlook automatically sets priority to your emails and move low priority emails in separate folder. This new added feature is better known as Clutter and works similar to the spam in Gmail.
  • Ease of accessing office attachment
    • With another useful feature in Outlook 2016, if you use any recent document in office application and want to attach it in Outlook mail so you don’t have to search that office document in your system when attachment window is open in Outlook then list of recent document will pop up and you can attach from there directly.
  • Easily convert email file formats simultaneously
    • Outlook 2016 provides the email migration functionality through which you can convert files from one format to another.

Perfect match with Win 10

As with new operating system Windows 10 the multifunctional Office 2016 takes the windows experience to the next level as you no longer need to type in your password, you can directly login via face recognition or fingerprint scanning.

With addition of new sophisticated features by Microsoft in complete new series of Office 2016 now the work culture will be blessed with more productive inputs by the employees that will completely redefine employee and employer equation for future. Even the charm of social media embedded in Office 2016 components will be more enthralling for a novice one that will take the new MS Office suite experience to the next level.

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