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Microsoft has recently introduced it snew Surface tablet of the 2nd generation which received a new operating system Windows 8.1. For all its merits, many users are not satisfied with the built-in media player system and we decided to see what it can be replaced with or complemented by.

There are lots of applications with similar functionality in the Windows Store catalog, so we have found the 7  most functional and useful media applications.

List of 7 Best Media Apps For Windows 8.1

1. Netflix

Windows 8.1 can work with streaming media content, so the first program in our list is Netflix, a client for web video streaming. It provides access to TV channels, movies and videos subscriptions, it has a user-friendly interface which helps you to find the desired video clip without having to check the entire catalog. But there is a nuance: the app itself is free, but users have to pay a $8 minimum per month for the use of the Netflix service.

Top 7 Best Media Apps For Windows 8.1

2. Hulu Plus

Hulu is a Netflix’s direct competitor with a similar but still slightly different content. It has the same subscription to TV channels that you cannot watch on conventional TV for free and a number of other features and utilities. As in the first case, the subscription fee for the service starts from $ 8.

Hulu Plus Windows Media Player

3. Hyper

This software is designed for those who appreciate the classics, as well as working with Youtube video. Easy access to the channels, the advanced search engine, a simple and intuitive interface – these are all the most obvious advantages of Hyper. The application is free what makes it even better.

 4. Crackle

This app is for those who do not want deal with paid services and who do not need TV. Crackle will give access to lots of films, both modern and classic, but only to those which users can watch for free. For example, such moviews as Revolver and Resident Evil are available for watching.

Crackle media player for Windows and Android

5. Movie Guide

This software is not connected with any video service. It’s a sort of a mobile database that will tell us all about each film, TV series, short film, and any actor. The program contains a lot of valuable information for film fans. There is a function of trailers showing. The database contains information on 70,000 movies and actors.


6. Slacker Radio

This program is not related to films – it is developed for music fans. It is made for listening to Internet radio stations that broadcast in the Net. Hundreds of stations with a detailed description of each playing song and totally free – that what Slacker Radio is. There is also a premium version with additional features for a fee.

Slacker Radio app for Windows 8.1

7. iHeartRadio

This application has the same features as the previous app, and as its new additional feature it  provides the users the ability to create their own online radio station based on music kept on the computer.