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Now-a-days, mobile application market is under continuous development. The recent invention in this field i.e. Android application has proved out to be a great achievement. Every now and then professionals are coming up with new android apps that can be of assistance for various purpose such as education, fashion, business and vocational purpose. There are apps for kids, girls, teachers and men as well. Almost all the businessmen own android smart phone today. This is due to the help these smart phones offer to them. Here are some of the best android apps for men that have gained much importance:


Best Apps Market- for Android: This app is specially designed to make the downloading of various apps easier and simpler than other apps. Professionals have categorised these apps under different heads. The main advantage of this app is its speed as it is fast to use and browse without any fall. Once you type your requirement, the app gives out many results matching your requirement. Through the app, you can even systematize all your apps easily.


Thumb Keyboard: The app is consisting of a keyboard that includes various superior customisation alternatives to regulate it as per your needs. This keyboard enables you to type faster comfortably. There is a standard layout that pioneers various functions leading to the enhancement in your typing speed. This app can be used one-handed as well accompanied with automatic correction.


Grand Theft Auto- Vice City: With slight difference from previous version, this gameplay has become independent of virtual control as it has become more of character driven gameplay. The updated graphics have made the game more appealing through the lighting effects. You can enjoy the game through the tailored controls. This app supports various languages such as English, French, Italian, Russian and Spanish.


ROM manager: This app has become the most chosen among all the apps due to its efficiency in managing the ROM of the handset. This application manages and carries out backup of the phone. It restores everything within the phone. Once you install this device, you will automatically get notified whenever the ROM gets updated.


How to Tie a Tie: Generally, most of the men are unable to tie their tie properly. This app is just a helping hand in this process. Through this app, one can easily learn to tie a Tie knot appropriately. There are clear steps to be followed in this methodology without anybody’s help.


Diet Assistant- Weight Loss: Basically, Every man is concerned for his health.  Busy in their hectic life, they are unable to maintain their physique. This app has been designed specially to help men in maintaining their health for long run.


Beauty Tips and Tricks for Men: Beauty is not only a need for women; it is need of a man as well. Through this app, men can discover the benefits of maintaining their health and looks easily. You can even get advice on your health through this app.

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