Using a popular email service rather than your own webmail server could be a sensible move for your email marketing needs. You should be able to send advertisements to people without worrying so much about blacklisting since the webmail service is so popular anyway. However, you won’t be able to go so far if you have a huge list of addresses along with special email marketing software. You will need your own webmail server so you can link it with your own domain and free yourself from the rules set by other email services.

But one of the major roadblocks that your web email server will face is webmail server blacklisting. There are hundreds of blacklisting services that track domains and IP addresses for spamming activity. Once the domain gets a bad reputation, the domain becomes blacklisted and it will suspend your email marketing campaign if your domain gets affected.

It is an effective and reasonable system to reduce the amount of spam circulating the Internet but you do not want your webmail server to be in that list. It is likely for your web email server to suddenly appear in the blacklist as you progress even if you are promoting something legitimate in a discreet manner. But what matters most is that you are notified that your webmail server is blacklisted as soon as possible so you can take the appropriate steps in removing your domain from their lists.

Here are a few tools for monitoring against webmail Server blacklisting that can get the job done.

Webmail Server Blacklisting

1) MailBox Tools – Blacklist ALERT

Blacklist ALERT is one of the several products offered by MailBox Tools and it is one of the simplest tools that help monitor against webmail server blacklisting. It is completely web-based and user friendly since all you have to do is enter the IP along with the email address of your web email server and click the save button. You will then receive alerts the moment your webmail server is blacklisted.

 2) MxWatch Monitoring

MxWatch Monitoring is a similar web-based tool for your webmail server although it is pricier with a basic plan costing $20 per month. However, the service can monitor more than 100 major blacklist services multiple times each day. In addition to that, the service will provide you with free support in delisting your web email server. There is also a free service that you can try out although it supports only 30 blacklists and only checks once a week.

 3) Debouncer

Debouncer is another online service that aims to send email alerts when your webmail server is blacklisted. Like MxWatch Monitoring, you will be notified immediately once the blacklisting is known and you also get instructions on how to remove your webmail server from the blacklist. You will also get an email alert when your domain is delisted. Other features include FCrDNS and dynamic check as well as blacklist check history.

 4) Blacklist Notifier

If you are looking for something simple and free for your web email server, Blacklist Notifier is worth trying. It offers email notifications just like other services although it doesn’t have any extra features. It is worth noting though that you can submit up to 5 IP addresses for monitoring.

 5) Email IP Blacklist Monitoring

This online service isn’t much different from the rest of the online services since they all have the same objectives anyway. But this service has an affordable basic plan that lets you monitor a single IP for $3 a month. You will be notified when your webmail server is blacklisted immediately thanks to 24/7 IP monitoring and over 40 blacklists are checked.

 6) MxScan Pro

MxScan Pro is different from the rest of the solutions because it comes in the form of an add-on for popular mail server software – MailEnable. This add-on basically gives the software reverse DNS IP blacklist monitoring capabilities. Your own webmail server will do the work in sending email notifications at a specified interval once your IP is blacklisted.

If you are on a budget, it is best to stick to one service and see how things go. You only need to go for additional services if you simply want to check more lists so you can really work hard in getting your web email server delisted.