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Many businesses are using Twitter as a way to engage their customers and try and build relationships that will eventually lead to sales. Twitter is a great social networking platform to do social media marketing, but after a while, some companies start to get tired of using it for the same tactics. There is something new on Twitter everyday, and instead of allowing your Twitter presence to feel stale, you need to invest in these six fun and unique ways to use Twitter for your business.

How To Use Twitter for Your Business:

1. Change your profile picture.

If you’ve been using the same profile picture since you started your Twitter account, it’s about time for something new. You can use your company’s logo as your image, just make sure that it not only fits in the small square provided, but that your followers can read it.

If you can’t get your logo to fit just right, try using your headshot instead. This will help put a face to your business and give it a personal touch.

Though it may be tempting, it’s a good idea to stay away from using pictures of your products. Due to the small size of the photo, your followers may not realize what it is and can be confused by it. Plus, you want to choose an image that can represent your brand as a whole.

2. Customize your page.

Some companies don’t realize that they have the ability to customize their page to fit their branding. Not only can you use colors that are associated with your company, but you can also create a custom graphic that can be used for the background of your page. Not only does this add some excitement to your Twitter use, but it also helps your customers start associating your Twitter page with your brand.

3. Rethink whom you follow.

It’s possible that you started following someone you don’t know because they once provided you with good information. If you keep following people who don’t bring anything important to your stream, there’s no reason to follow them. Make sure that you are following industry leaders and your customers. If the person you’re following doesn’t fit into one of those categories, they’re not helping your Twitter strategy.

4. Update your bio.

If your bio is old, write a new one. This is a great way to generate new interest in your business and gain new followers, and it’s also a great way to promote new specialties that have occurred in your business since the last bio was written.

5. Offer a special.

Create a special offer just for those who follow you on Twitter. It can be a coupon for a percentage off their next purchase or provide a secret code to your followers for their chance to get a free gift if they come into your store on a certain day. The possibilities are endless, and you’ll have fun creating the specials.

6. Use photos.

If your company is guilty of only providing text-based tweets, make it more exciting by offering your followers some visual tweets by using photos. People are drawn to pictures, and they’ll be more inclined to check out your post that has a photo than one that doesn’t.

There are many ways you can use Twitter for your business, but if you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, use these suggestions to add a little bit of life to your tweets.

This and many other educational articles helping web professionals understand the challenges of the web have been prepared for you by Caleb Grant thanks to SEOMap the keyword strategy experts.

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