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Is there any particular blogs that you read every week? Most people who build their own will have a few favorites they always go back to. I guess this is what gets them interested in starting their own one. You should know what type of content they produce and what you love about it. That’s the kind of things you have to do on your own blog if you want to be better than everyone else. I know it’s not nice to say you want to be better than anyone, but if you want to build a successful business the people who land on your site have to love it more than your competitors blogs.

They might read a few blogs, but when they are busy they’ll only read the best. Your content has to be the best, it’s the only way. Most bloggers don’t get it and they write boring articles about something they thought of 30 minutes previous when they were searching through Google. Let’s look at some unique content that will make you stand out from 90% of the crowd. This is going to give you an ever bigger chance of rising above everyone else and becoming a success. That’s what it’s all about, right?

Start a podcast

There’s not too many podcasts that are packed with quality these days, and perhaps none in your particular niche. Some people don’t like reading all the time and they would enjoy listening to what you have to say. It means they can download your show and listen to it whenever they want. Think about all the time people spend in their car traveling to work. People will listen to what you have to say if you give it to them in audio format.

Throw up videos

It won’t take you long to upload a video. You can record one on a digital camera and use Youtube to host it. That will let you get something up quickly and decide if you want to do it more regularly. You don’t have to worry about it looking professional. Nobody is going to care too much what it looks like. If you decide to keep using video you can then go and learn how to make ones that look amazing, but test it out first.

A case study

You read about people giving out advice all the time, but has anyone ever proven their advice works? Anybody can make stuff up and sound intelligent while doing it. Give people a proper case study and you will be respected a lot more. It also means people think you’re the type of person who only writes about stuff they’ve experienced. It’s more than what most other people write about, which is usually stuff they read on someone else’s blog.

New and exciting

When was the last time you wrote about stuff that was unheard of? There’s going to be a few things in your niche that you need to discover. There’s always new things out there and the people who write about them first are the people who are the most respected. Nobody respects someone who comes along at the end and rehashes information. Innovation is the key to easy success and without it you’ll just be another random blogger.

Interview a guest

Someone out there will know stuff you don’t and I’m sure your audience would love to hear from them. You could send them an email asking if you can interview them. Most people will be happy to send you back some answers if it means their name will be getting spoken about by more people. Just remember to ask nicely incase you scare them away. Try to become known before you approach them.

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