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Remember playing Sonic the Hedgehog when you were a kid? Now that you are all grown up you get to wonder sometimes where to find games like that. As an adult you now have limited time to play games but thankfully you can still get your Sonic addiction fixed by accessing several of the free Sonic games online. They load up pretty fast and are quick to play.

Here are 5 of our top Sonic games that adults will surely love.

Sonic Crazy World

sonic crazy

This one will definitely bring back memories and is one of the best flash versions of Sonic the Hedgehog game. Sonic Crazy World is a platform style game where you collect rings to gain more points. There are obstacles along the way that you have to avoid. The control is fairly simple since all you need is your mouse. Left click your mouse to perform a jump while clicking on the left button twice will make you jump higher.

Sonic On Clouds

sonic cloud

This is a pretty cool game that features Sonic trying to get as much rings as possible while on top of the clouds. You jump from one cloud to another to progress in the game. Make sure you land on the clouds otherwise you will fall to the earth and it’s going to be game over for you. The controls are quite simple as you only have to use the direction keys.

Sonic Sky Impact

sonic sky

This game combines elements of Sonic games and airplane fighting games. Adult gamers will have a chance to play Sonic like they have never played before. You will be inside an airplane this time around as you fly across the skies shooting down enemy planes. As you progress across each level you will get a chance to upgrade your weapons to make it easier for you to eliminate tough opponents. The controls are very easy as you only need to use your mouse in navigating the plane and firing your weapons.

Sonic Motorbike

sonic mot

Are you feeling the need for speed? If you think Sonic is already fast as a hedgehog then you haven’t seen him on a motorcycle yet. Sonic Motorbike places our favorite character on a motorbike as your race across obstacles and collect rings. You can also do various tricks with your bike such as front flips to gain more points. Be careful though since one wrong trick may damage your bike ending the game.

Sonic Jump

sonic- ump

Sonic Jump is one of my favorite games since it employs a physics based gameplay. You jump from one area to the next and make sure that you don’t fall off. You will usually be guided by an arrow in most jumps but in others you won’t find any. Aside from making sure that you land in the correct place you also have to collect as much rings as possible. These are the 5 games that adults will surely love playing. Try to check them out right now; all you need is a browser and an Internet connection.

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This article is written by Eric who runs a gaming website called BlueBlurZone, the best source to Sonic games online

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