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There are two reasons why most people start developing Android apps. The first and most common reason is that they are hoping to make a bit of money doing something they enjoy. The second reason is because some people just love to do stuff like this. Whether you are wanting to make money off your app or just want to make something cool that you can show your friends, there are some things that anyone can do to make their Android app more successful.

While a lot of companies rely on paid advertisements to get the word out about their product, not everyone has the money to do this. When you are working with a limited budget you have to use creative ways to get your product into the hands of other users. One of the best forms of advertising for any product is word of mouth, and with the internet it is now easier than ever to get the word out about almost anything.

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While the term success has different meaning for almost everyone, when it comes to the “success” of an Android app, the best indication is how many people download it and use it. While an Android app can be ahead of the curve in every way, it really isn’t successful and does not serve its purpose unless someone somewhere is using it.

What creates a problem for most developers is not that they don’t know how to make a good Android app, it is the fact that many of them don’t know how to get the information their app exists out to the user community. So what can someone do to increase the success of the Android app they developed? The following information is designed to help you answer that question.

Give it Away for Free

Have you ever wondered why there are so many free apps that are good enough they could probably be sold pretty easily? The reason for this is because of the fact that one of the best ways to advertise yourself is to get people using the apps you develop. While releasing a free app means that you won’t earn much money on it, it does help get your name out there so when you release the next Android app you develop, you already have the beginnings of a solid customer base.

Give Away a Demo Version

Along with giving an app away for free, you can take time to develop a demo version of your app and release that for free letting people know they can buy the full version. This is a common strategy used by most developers of game apps and does actually work well. If you have faith in your app, then you shouldn’t worry too much about whether people will like it or not, you really just need to get it in their hands.

Get Your App Covered on Blogs

Blogs are a well known source for marketing products and you can use this to help get your app out into the general public. The basic idea here is you want to contact any blog that covers Android apps, or covers a subject that your app relates to.

A lot of time these blogs love developers getting in touch with them and are more than happy to review your app for free so long as they get a free copy of the app you developed. One thing to keep in mind is that while a blog will have no problem covering your app, some will charge you money for it, and others may not give it a good review. Whenever possible try to ensure that the blog will review your app in a positive light.

Talk About Your App Everywhere

If you are like most app developers then you probably spend at least some time reading up on forums that cover app development. While a lot of these forums have rules against selling anything, most of them are more than happy for you to talk about your app.

By discussing your app, how you made it, what it does, etc., you are giving other developers a chance to check out your work. If they like it they are going to talk about it to other people. While you may not convert this into millions of downloads it will lead to an increase of exposure for your app.

Not only should you talk about your app in forums and on blogs, but talk about it in the real world too. When you are talking to friends bring out your Android and show them the app you developed and encourage them to give it a try.

While you might have to give them a free version, they will show their friends and this will eventually lead to more people downloading your app as well.

Piggy Back on Another App

Since most independent Android app developers are all looking to increase their exposure they will often combine their apps with another similar app in order to get their app out to more people. While it is unlikely for someone who developed an app that does the same thing yours does to agree to this, a lot of developers are more than willing to let you piggy back on their app if you return the favor.

Remember the goal here is to get your app into the hands of the user community, and while your app might be overshadowed by a bigger more popular app, this can be worth it if it converts into more users.

In the end, making an app successful is more about what you define as success than how many copies of it are downloaded. For some people one hundred downloads is a sign of success and for others they want thousands.

The main thing to keep in mind is that Android app development should be much more about the creative process and personal enjoyment than about making millions of dollars. If you enjoy your work, then really does it matter if you app becomes the next big thing or not?

Chris Smith is an Android expert who writes articles that covers Android rooting software, Android apps, and how to get the most our of your device. His articles are found on tech websites and Android blogs.

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