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The rage for Android has been spreading like wildfire all across the world. This open-source operating system by Google is now the benchmark in the Smartphone arena and it’s presence is strengthening day by day. But it’s not only Smartphones which are being powered by Android. A wide selection of other devices are coming to the market nowadays which have an Android Operating System buried within them and this is something that is adding to the wide choice of Androids in the technological market. But there are a few devices, powered by Android versions, which have not received any limelight. Mentioned below are some of these devices.

1. Android Washing Machine


At the recently held Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Samsung introduced a next-generation washing machine which can be connected to the web. The washing machine carries a touch-screen on top of it and is powered by Android OS. This washing machine can take a load of 12Kg.  A separate application has been developed which when connected to Wi-Fi, acts as the remote control of the washing machine. Thus, all one needs is a Smartphone to operate this washing machine.

2. Android Cameras


Samsung as well as Canon have come up with Android-powered cameras. These cameras are powered by Android 4.1 (Jellybean) and Android 2.3 (Gingerbread). These cameras can access wireless internet and can use all of the available Android applications: 3G connectivity has also been made available with these devices. Both of these are 16MP cameras and the quality of the images can be enhanced provided that the user edits the photos using Instagram, Picasa, etc. Upon clicking a photo, it can be shared on social networking sites as well.

3. Android Televisions


A few years back, a television came to the market which could be connected to the internet.  Now what we have are televisions that are powered by Android. Almost all of the functions of Android are available in these televisions, including total access to all the applications in the Android Store. These televisions have separate input ports where keyboard and mouse can be connected and users can even use Skype to make video calls online. Smartphones can be connected to the TV and users can play games such as Angry Birds directly on the TV instead of their Smartphone. TCL, Lenovo and Sony are presently manufacturing Android-TVs.

4. Android Notebooks


Just when Windows thought it had conquered the battalions of notebooks, Android-powered notebooks appeared on the market. These notebooks boast of touch-screen displays and have unlimited access to thousands of games as well as applications on the online Android Store. HP, Compaq, Smartbook and Toshiba, at present, are manufacturing Android Notebooks.

5. Android Glasses


Google recently came up with their latest piece of innovation. Google glasses come with a miniature display panel on them and run exclusively on Android OS. Though this invention has not yet reached its pinnacle, Google is ambitious about including messaging features as well as Google Maps in the glasses.

Author: David Jones, is the author of this article. He’s an android expert, a computer programmer, specialized on Java and writes Android reviews. Presently, he’s guest writing on Audio Visual Services and Android related topics.

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