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Digg is one of my favorite social media site. Digg is a social news website. Prior to Digg v4, its cornerstone function consisted of letting people vote stories up or down, called digging and buryin now respectively. You will be surprise to know that this is the oldest social media site, when this was started there were no advertisements on the social networking website. There are so many interesting things about Digg which we can talk, here I am sharing 5 Interesting things you may wants to know more about Digg.

5 Interesting things you may wants to know more about Digg


Digg tarted in 2004: Kevin Rose founded Digg in December 2004 with the help of Jay Adelson, former Digg CEO, and Owen Byrne. Rose spent $1,000 developing and launching, relying heavily on open-source software. Six months later, the site had about 25,000 registered users. After a year, Digg had 80,000 registered users and 500,000 unique visitors per day. In March 2007, Digg hit the 1,000,000 registered user landmarks. By 2008, some bloggers estimated Digg’s user base at more than 2,700,000 unique accounts.

Dig was down for a week: On August 25, 2010, when Digg updated to version 4, the site was unreachable or unstable during the launch day and the weeks following

Dig for what: Digg allows users from all over the world to submit news articles, and the most popular stories, or the ones that get the most hits, get moved to the front page of the Digg website. This can result in all kinds of hits (traffic) to the article.

What more on digg: Digg Dialogg allows Digg users to submit questions to a preselected famous individual who agrees to do an interview with a reporter chosen by Digg. Not only can you see the submissions on Digg, you can also chat with other members about these submissions, and any other topics of interest.

Dig popularity: The website traffic ranked 190. Digg’s monthly U.S. unique visits at 4.4 million

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