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The never ending era of new and innovative technology is all to be excited for. The latest innovations in the field of electronic gadgets are on to a different level altogether. From the latest Android UI (Android Lollipop) that has impressed everyone by its massive improvements to the curved 4k led television by LG which really defined the television industry. There were so many things that made their mark this year and again made us believe that impossible is just another word.

But there are many more innovations on the way that might change the current perspective and also might take the standard onto a different level altogether. Every major player in the tech market is moving ahead with new innovative ideas that are also very socially relevant and economically sound. As a green initiative, big MNC’s are trying their best in order to produce products that work according to a greener cause. All that being said, many organizations are taking the extra risk of testing out ideas that can lead to a secure future. Technologies that can keep the consumers experience at the peak and securing his interests and likings at the same time.

Various new innovations those are most likely to enter the market:

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1.     Microsoft Leads the Way

After the much talked about takeover of Nokia’s electronic peripherals business, Microsoft is in the urge of increasing its market base. The tech giant is currently working on the all new and much hyped Windows 10. After the lukewarm response of Windows 8 and 8.1 the company now is making sure that it doesn’t leave any stone unturned. It promises to revolutionize the windows experience which will most probably come out during the summers 2015. Recently its counterpart APPLE launched its latest operating system OS X which was hugely appreciated.

On the other hand when it comes to tablets, the company has already announced its first tablet series named Nokia N1 which is also due next year. The company is very confident that it will bounce back in the smartphones market. It recently launched its first Microsoft labeled Lumia series smartphone. Also the company is developing its UI for smartphones in a much broader way. The recent update in the windows UI for smartphones has some new features and modifications.

2.     Revolution in Gaming

Gaming Industry in the recent years is growing rapidly bringing in some great prospects for the future. The constant hunt for innovation in gaming has never slowed down over the years. The latest trends that are setting the high benchmark includes the first ever game that can be played at full High Definition configurations( Titan Fall ) and the first of its kind monitor by Dell which has a resolution of 5120 by 2880 which is being called 5k. Moreover, Microsoft is all set and ready to launch its new processors in the coming time. The company is also gearing up to introduce DDR4 RAM’s after the conventional DDR3 being in the market for quite some time.

3.     Television Industry to Evolve

The breakthrough that TV industry saw last year was amazing. It was the sort of Technology that really changed the experience of the viewers. The first thing that amazed everyone was the first ever 4 K televisions which were launched by Sony. And then the first ever curved 4K television by LG. All this and much more which really awestruck most people in the latter part of the year. But don’t just give up your expectations yet. Sony and its counterparts are working on 5K technology for televisions. Also televisions with larger screens are on the line.

4.     Computer Technology has its say

Intel is all set to introduce its latest next generation series of processors next year. The company is moving towards the newest technology in graphic cards as well. There’s a first ever wireless charging system in stores as well which is also due for next year. This will be the first attempt and could really turn the accessibility of computer technology.

5.     Cloud, Redefined

From the time cloud technology came into existence it has won million hearts. To prove that point right on a further note, the cloud technology next year will see some great innovations in the way it is being conceived by the user. The security will see more advanced enhancements and servers with better connectivity on the go.

Though there’s much more that is not yet discovered and will take some more time to become reality. Meanwhile every tech giant is working very hard to bring something new to the technological menu of this giant restaurant of techgeeks.

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