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Companies today have realized that it’s extremely important to have an online presence, which is why most companies today have a website. Websites are a great way for companies to get their name out there, provide information on their products and services and earn new business.

Some companies make the mistake in thinking that once the website has been created, there’s nothing else that needs to be done. But having a website isn’t simply the creation and the launch—it needs to be continually updated.

First, websites that are outdated are no better than not having a website at all. Old user interfaces, old designs and old content will turn your visitors away. Plus, if you have old content on your site, you’re giving your online visitors old information, and this can turn into lost business. Even something as simple as having an old address on your site is enough to lose business.

The other reason to update your website is because it will help improve your search engine rankings. Search engines use spiders to crawl websites in search of keywords, and if you are constantly adding new content, search engines will continue to come back to your site and re-crawl it in search of new keywords. If your website does not provide new content, the search engine spiders will not crawl your site for a while, which will hurt your search engine rankings.

How To Easily Update Web Content:

Many companies do understand the importance of updated content, but they don’t know how to go about updating their content without it being extremely time consuming or costly. But updating web content does not have to be either of those. The following are four tips to help you more easily update your website content.

 Plan it out.

Ever notice how brilliant ideas pop up out of the blue, yet when you have time to generate new content, you can’t think of anything to produce? Instead of facing writer’s block every time you want to add something new to your site, keep a list handy of great ideas that you think about when you’re not ready to write. This way, when you’re staring at your computer screen, you can refer to your handy list to generate some ideas.


Think outside of text.

Most people think that updating web content means updating the actual text, but there are other ways to update your website without having to spend hours writing new copy. Images and videos are other great sources of content that don’t take as long to produce. Simply place new videos or images on your site with a brief description, and make sure the images and videos are optimized for SEO, and you’ll generate new content in no time.


Think smaller.

Instead of producing one new article on a complex topic, break it down into multiple concepts. For example, if you were writing about online marketing, don’t focus your article on every single online marketing tactic available. Instead, write one article on search engine optimization, another on social media, another on PPC and so on. This way, you’ll be able to generate more content over a period of time instead of spending a long time writing one article.


Invest in CMS.

If your website does not have a content management system, hire a company to create one for you. It may be a bit pricey, but the ease of use of these systems makes updating website content as simple as using a word processing application.


Updating your website content is extremely important, but don’t worry about it taking a long time to accomplish. Instead, use these tips to help you generate the best content possible without sacrificing your time, and your site will soon reap the benefits.

Sarah Dunbar works for the online marketing team at SEOMap.  Visit our website for more information about our work.

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