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Talking about email accounts, some people are still using the old technologies. While there’s nothing wrong with using the old generation of email accounts though 123-Reg’s email hosting is much better.

We’re so used to the traditional email management that we absolutely forget the everyday email account hassles. It doesn’t matter if you’re a personal or business user, 123 Mail Hosting has unbelievable features at very affordable pricing. Are you afraid if it is really worth your time and money? Yes, it absolutely is very worth it. Why is it so? Glad, you asked. Let’s have a brief look.

Email Account > 123-Mail Hosting Features

  • Teamwork Management System
  • Innovative and new generation interface
  • Central and private address books helps you to find contacts at lightning speed.
  • Never miss an appointment with record and confirm functions.
  • Team calendars, helps you manage the work efficiently in a glance.
  • Team Presentation Management with intuitive interface
  • RSS and Widgets are available cross platform, your home and office PC’s are always connected
  • Sharing very large files
  • Email Aggregation

123-reg Web hosting

Once you’ll start using 123 email accounts hosting, you will know the amazing things you can do with it. Handling teamwork, emails, presentations, calendars, RSS , widgets and everything else is so easy and super comfortable. You’ll get very familiar with it within a few hours.

Change is good, especially if it helps you to save time and money eventually. Consider upgrading your email lifestyle and sign up with 123 email accounts once, you sure will be proud of your decision!

You don’t need any software, all you need is any internet connection and all of these unique 123 features can be used online.

As they say, there is always a first time. Today it is your chance to make 123-mail hosting your personalized email partner. You must give it a try! Managing emails has never been so creative before and as easy as 123!

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