If you own or oversee an online business, you’re probably aware of how important customer reviews are to your success. Not only do customer reviews provide an excellent source of feedback (hopefully good!) on your services or products, they help establish an atmosphere of legitimacy for your website. As countless new online vendors spring up every day, some of which are designed to trick customers into providing sensitive financial information to would-be thieves, customers have become increasingly weary of anonymous, unverifiable internet merchants. So how can you encourage your customers to leave comments? And, subsequently, how can you encourage readers to leave positive remarks about your services? We’ve included a few helpful tips below:

Encourage Customer Reviews Online

Tip #1 : Create An Open Invitation

Nothing helps customers feel more welcome on a website than an invitation to “join the family.” By encouraging your customers with phrases such as “let us know how we’re doing” or “ we’d love to get your feedback,” you can advertise your receptivity to customer comments and, almost inevitably, complaints.

Tip #2: Create A Personalized Invitation

The chances are good that, after a customer purchases an item from you, you’ll have a contact address for them. Send a follow-up email after the transaction has occurred, thanking them for their business and letting them know how grateful you would be if they could share their experiences with potential future customers using your online review system. If the sale went well, they should be more than willing to help out.

Tip #3: Create A Reward System

Sometimes, providing a “surprise” for individuals can help encourage them to participate more enthusiastically. By providing a prize giveaway or drawing for customers who have reviewed your services, you will automatically begin building a more involved client base. Following the awarding of the prize, be sure to thank everyone who participated in a general email or online announcement. This will leave all participants, even those who didn’t win, with a positive outlook on your business.

Tip #4: Respond To Comments

No one enjoys feeling like they’re talking to a wall, and your customers will share identical sentiments. Regardless of the comments received, be sure to respond to the user who wrote them, posting a highly visible response on your website addressing their statements. Not only will this make the particular individual feel respected, it will show the rest of your clientele that you value their participation.

Tip #5: Be Polite

If someone does respond negatively on your website, don’t go into a rant. Simply apologize for the problem they described, and let them know how valuable they are as a customer. This sincerity will help win back customers who may have previously ignored your website due to mediocre reviews.

Tip #6: Be Gracious

No matter who leaves a comment on your website or Facebook page, go out of your way to thank them. This will ensure that all of your customers witness firsthand your pleasant demeanor and outward display of appreciation for their patronage.

Tip #7: Make It Easy For Them

No one is going to waste time maneuvering through a tricky, non user-friendly website to leave a review. If you want to ensure that your customers participate more frequently, you must streamline the process they have to undergo in order to write a review.

Tip #8: Be Prompt

As soon as the reviews begin to roll in, observe them diligently. If a customer leaves a negative review on your website, respond (professionally) as soon as possible. The longer it takes you to respond to potentially damaging commentary, the more damage is done.

Tip #9: Make It Obvious

If you are fully prepared to open your website up for customer contribution via reviews, you need to make this particular section of your website easily accessible, extremely visible and important. New customers should see previous users’ reviews alongside manufacturer information and technical specifications. This will make them value the reviews more and be more likely to respond in turn.

Tip #10: Make It Engaging

In today’s era of powerful interactivity, a simple text field won’t do the trick. Ensure that the review process feels dynamic. The more lists, buttons and images present, the more interested a customer will be in participating. The review process should never feel like a burden for the customer.

About the author: Elise Brooks is a copywriter at essayfreak.com. You can contact with me by Google+

By following these ten simple ideas, you can quickly develop a more active review platform for your website! Good luck!