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Below infographics is the summary of 10 most popular or best floating social media plugins which you can use in your WordPress site to increase your traffic and high visibility.

Scroll down to see the download link of all the plugins.

I will vote for floating social bar in case you want’s horizontal sticky buttons or Digg-Digg for vertical left side of the post.

Most Popular Floating Social Media Plugin for WordPress

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Download these most popular floating social media plugins:

  1. Floating Social Bar
  2. Digg Digg
  3. Wp-Socializer
  4. Po.St
  5. Sharexy
  6. Floating Social Media Links
  7. Calicotek Floating Social Slider
  8. Floating Social Media Icon
  9. Cevhershare
  10. WordPress Social Share Buttons

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Your Voice:

I have listed 10 most popular social media icons/buttons plugin which include latest as well light weight while loading your site. Let me know which one I missed here.

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