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Thanks for using WP Lighbox 2 plugin. WP Lighbox 2 is one of the most downloaded lighbox plug in the wordpress. Let me know if have any question or suggestion to improve the quality of the plugin. I will try to reply your query as soon as possible.

  • In the comment section you can ask the question.
  • I will reply your question within 2 working days.
  • You can reach me for the customization the plugin as per your requirement. Customization can take more times.
  •  Please share if you done any change/fix on your end.



  1. John says

    Works fine, but if i look on a smaller screen, like a laptop with 15″, the pictures are to big. So there is a Shrink large images to fit smaller screens option. But if i enable this, the image is not shown on the right spot. I have to scroll down, and there is the picture. Is there a solution?


    • Tim says

      I agree. This option works great on desktop, but on mobile the pictures don’t fit the screen.

      Other than that, thanks for this great plugin.

  2. Greg says

    Great and simple plugin, thank you!
    Would it be possible to NOT autogroup images in native wordpress galleries? I have several wordpress galleries on a single page and I would like to be able to browse through them all with the same lightbox?
    Thank you!

  3. Francis King says

    Slideshow was working but has now stopped.
    A few months ago my WP website was established.?
    My site address is ?compel.com.au ‘Remember me always’?
    All’s great except for my gallery page.?
    I use the WP lightbox 2 plugin and initially had it set up with 15 images.?
    When an image was clicked on, it would display and after a few seconds it would ?continue to display all the images as a slideshow.?
    This was great :-) ?
    However, I added a few more images.?
    They display individually but all the images no longer continue as a?slideshow :-(?
    Have I added the new image files wrongly ??
    ie.?- uploaded image file to media library.?- opened and obtained id of file.?- copied/added ‘id number’ to ‘code’ on gallery page.? On gallery page –
    ?[gallery link="file" ids="138,139,141,142,143,144,145,146,147,
    148,165,150,151,152,338,398,399,400,450,462,479"] ??
    This is a link to my site.?compel.com.au/gallery
    How can I make my photos be a ‘slideshow’ again ?
    WP lightbox 2 is wonderful and I’m missing the slideshow.

  4. Sheand says


    I want to know, do you offer WP Lighbox 2 for PRO version? I have a great deal for you, please reply directly to my email. Let me know.

  5. Lewis says


    Really like the plugin and can see it working well.

    I do have one issue – when viewing on iPhone 5 (in portrait mode) the lightbox skews over to the right of the page (does completely fit within the natural page space)

    Is there any fix for this – happy to provide link if required.


  6. Krystyna says

    I installed Lightbox 2, but it not works… Can You help me?
    I want to open image in lightbox efect in post.

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