Google Adsense Section Targeting With Thesis Theme

Are you using the great Thesis theme and looking for targeting Google Ads the you are at right place. What this does is it tells the adsense bot to ignore everything other than the post content which really is the meat of the blog. And the Adsense bot is intelligent enough to override section targeting if it wishes so you don’t lose a thing like the blog title and SEO etc. focused on Adsense targeting. Section targeting is an adsense … [Read more...]

Thesis Tutorial SEO Guide

You may know nothing about SEO or how search engines function. That does not mean SEO does not know about you. And you know more about the principles of “SEO” than you think. The Ultimate Guide to Thesis SEO Thesis includes its own SEO options, eliminating the need for multiple SEO plugins. I wrote this as the Ultimate Guide to Thesis SEO. Once you’ve installed Thesis, you can modify various SEO settings in the Thesis Options under Appearance … [Read more...]

Thesis Theme Add Google Adsense Before After Post Without Plugin

Thesis is a great theme that takes some getting used to. Even with the great tutorials available, it took me a little time to add Adsense to the Thesis Theme because I did not find an article on doing exactly that. Adding a variety of Ads to your blog design is a smart and intelligent way to diversify your blog’s advertisement portfolio. This post is for the people who’s don’t like to use any Plugin for showing Google Adsense … [Read more...]

Add Google Adsense Link Unit Below Header Image In Thesis Theme

In my site I have used google adsense link unit. Google Adsense is Leading Ads publisher network available on Web.You can earn thousand of Dollars form Adsense .The only thing which you need do is place your ads on right place. In this article we will see that how to add adsense link unit below header image in thesis theme. To place the Google adsense link unit below the header image, add new unit in your account 728*15, change the … [Read more...]

Thesis Style Box in Action

Thesis theme is the best WordPress theme. I love this. I was looking for alert with different style for different notes. You can customize your code to display information in the post as alert. But the Thesis Style Box makes my life easy. Thesis comes with inbuilt feature  to style your blog post and by adding few line of codes you can style your single post or pages and you can make it look more appealing. Thesis Style Box is a free … [Read more...]

How to add Breadcrumbs in Thesis Theme for SEO Friendly Navigation

Breadcrumb is very useful for WordPress SEO purpose. More SEO people says that breadcrumb is one of the parts of WordPress SEO. So I am posting this topic for WorPress thesis users. Do you wants to add breadcrumbs in your thesis theme. Believe me this will increase your blogs SEO, please follow below tutorials steps - Step 1: Copy and paste the following code to your thesis custom_function.php file. function … [Read more...]

How to Add Custom Backgrounds in Thesis Theme

For changing background in custom theme there is no option in design option. Using the custom css easily you can change the back ground. How to Add Custom Backgrounds In the following tutorial, you’re going to learn about the code that makes this happen, and you’ll even be able to download a background “starter kit” that you can use to hit the ground running. Bad puns aside, if you’re ready, read on! How Thesis Backgrounds Work Out of the box, … [Read more...]

Pagination in Thesis theme WordPress

I HAVE USED THESIS THEME IN MY BLOGS. Currently there are no paging like 1,2,3 … in thesis theme. Previous and Next concepts are there. In this tutorial, we will see How to Setup Pagination on the Home Page of your Blog or Website running on the Thesis Theme for WordPress. Pagination helps to decrease bounce rate of website or blog and thesis does not comes with pagination so it’s not good in the terms of SEO so here is how to add … [Read more...]