Thesis Tutorial SEO Guide

You may know nothing about SEO or how search engines function. That does not mean SEO does not know about you. And you know more about the principles of “SEO” than you […]

Thesis Style Box in Action

Thesis theme is the best WordPress theme. I love this. I was looking for alert with different style for different notes. You can customize your code to display information in the post as alert. […]

How to Add Custom Backgrounds in Thesis Theme

For changing background in custom theme there is no option in design option. Using the custom css easily you can change the back ground. How to Add Custom Backgrounds In the following tutorial, you’re […]

Pagination in Thesis theme WordPress

I HAVE USED THESIS THEME IN MY BLOGS. Currently there are no paging like 1,2,3 … in thesis theme. Previous and Next concepts are there. In this tutorial, we will see How […]