Top 13 ASP.NET Interview Questions with Answers

Q1. What is the difference between authentication and authorization? Authentication is verifying the identity of a user and authorization is process where we check does this identity have access rights to the system. […]

Top 15 Interview questions with Answers

Top 15 Interview questions with Answers 1. Can we make sessions do not use cookies? We need to enable “cookieless” property in Web.config. 2. How can we force all the validation control […]

ASP.NET Questions With Answers

Best ASP.NET Questions With Answers for Interviews – Chapter 1: Basic .NET Framework Chapter 2: NET Interoperability Chapter 3: Threading Chapter 4: Remoting and Webservices Chapter 5: Caching Concepts Chapter 6: OOPS Chapter […]

OOPS Questions With Answers

Chapter 6: OOPS What is Object Oriented Programming? It is a problem solving technique to develop software systems. It is a technique to think real world in terms of objects. Object maps […]


Chapter 3: Threading What is multi-tasking? It is a feature of modern operating systems with which we can run multiple programs at same time   What is multi-threading? Multi-threading forms subset of […]

.NET Interoperability

Chapter 2: NET Interoperability How can we use COM Components in .NET? .NET components communicate with COM using RCW (Runtime Callable Wrapper). Following are the ways with which you can generate RCW […]

Basic .NET Framework

Chapter 1: Basic .NET Framework 1. What is an IL? A. MSIL stands for Microsoft Intermediate Language in short MSIL or IL(Intermediate Language). When you compile a program the CLR will compile […]