How to Expose Your CMS-Thief? Detective Story with the Happy End

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Have you ever noticed that something goes wrong with your website? Like traffic gaps, poor social media sharings, or simply your site looks like a relic of the past… If you have been running your web project quite for a long time, more likely, you fall the victim of your own CMS. It’s true - the danger often hides where you cannot even imagine. You know, with the growth and improvement of web technologies, there are more and more CMS software Continue Reading

Advantages of Using online Website Builder Over Standalone Web Editor

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A website can be designed by either using a Web Editor, a CMS (Content Management System) or Online Site Builder, etc. You may wonder how difficult it would be for a web developer to choose a convenient method among them. Well, every method is distinguishable from each other and has their own set of advantages. We here mention some benefits of using Online Site Builder over Web Editor. But, before we begin, let us get familiar with how these two Continue Reading

9 Tendencies In E-commerce Website Design

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On the planet of e-commerce, your client is often a master. That's the reason styles for e-commerce has never stood still and being improved for making the best experience practical for customers. Because the wants and requirements of internet buyers continue to change according to improvements produced in mobile technology, so methods of e-commerce with style. Here is a collection of predicted styles to make light area in 2013 to raised provide Continue Reading

4 newest ways to market your e-commerce website in 2013

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Online Marketing of an e-commerce website is a challenge, especially in the initial period when you have just started it. The source for getting traffic and ultimately customers for your online business is getting more and more diverse and you have to think beyond the obvious to make your online store a success. Once a well designed and well functioning e-commerce website is created, the next step is the marketing and PR of the website for Continue Reading

Going Mobile Website Options

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Think you have a pretty good website? You've spent months preparing it with your design team and now it has finally gone live. It looks great and the quality of the content is already shaping up to be something quite special. You’re getting traffic too, and it’s amazing how much traffic you’re getting. Then the email comes in from a client who has decided that they just cannot stand your website. You can’t understand why this is until they let you Continue Reading

Understanding Web Design

We live in a world filled with design – everywhere we look we see objects that have been designed. We might think of only the big labels - the Chanels and the Diors - when we think of design, but in fact everything, from your mouse mat to your cat basket, has been designed. But it is not just tangible objects whose appeal and functionality is defined, for better or worse, by their design. As the internet grows infinitesimally every day, the design Continue Reading

Simple Responsive Web Design With CSS3 Media Queries

Simple Responsive Web Design

After my first tutorial How To Create A Responsive Menu this is the very simple simple responsive web design with html5 and css3 media queries. No matter even its smartphone resolution 320 px or very large desktop (1360 or 2560 px) your site will automatically adjust according to the resolution of the screen. Believe me next future of the web design is only in responsive design, because your site will be read on large scale of the devices like Continue Reading

Things to Consider When Purchasing a New Sign

Technology can be very confusing and sometimes when you want to add a new sign to your company, it can be a tough decision. There are just so many different options to choose from and at the end of the day you want to make sure that you are choosing the option that is best for your company and your unique needs. While we cannot make your decisions for you, what we can do is talk to you about some of your options to give you a better idea as to Continue Reading

Top Things You Can Sell On Your Website

Selling products from a website is an important way to make a lot more profit from your online presence. If you currently make all your profit from AdSense and other advertising then it's time to wake up to the reality – you're at the bottom of the heap and you're giving away customers that could be making you a lot more profit. He I have some tips for you about top things you can sell on your website apart from the other advertising;  sound good Continue Reading

The Best Websites That Use WordPress Arras Theme & Customization

Arras is a superb WordPress theme, and is currently being used on many different technology and gadget blogs to power their websites.  I love the free WordPress Arras theme download and have plans to expand upon my own websites using this free theme a lot more in the next few months - but in the meantime here are what I think are the top websites that use the Arras Theme – some of which I have taken some inspiration for some of the many websites I Continue Reading