How Social Sharing is Helpful for any Business

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In order to expand, any business need to have a strong web presence that is highly visible and will be accessed by a wider audience who do online shopping. While there are different ways of doing that, adding social buttons to their website is the most effective way. By adding social buttons, internet users can […]

The Benefits of Facebook for Your Business

Benefits of Facebook for Your Business

It looks like everybody is on Facebook these days. For you, Facebook may be an interacting tool to connect with your friends and relatives or rather make new ones, but have you considered the fact, how useful Facebook can prove for your business. Every company is setting up its own Facebook page which often generates […]

Who is using Google Analytics in 2013


Infographic illustrate susage of Google Analytics Worldwide in April 2013 This is the revised inforgraphics which was created by erlier in 2012. Fact Sheet – Still Lithuania and Macedonia and have the biggest usage of Google Analytics. Almost 60% websites usage the Google Analytics. How To Effectively Use Social Media In Your Business Some […]

How To Delete The Google Community


Today I was trying to delete the Google Community which I have created some time back. The steps are very simple. I decided to share this with my visitors, I hope this will helpful. I took the screen shot also which will help you to navigate options and tab to perform your delete task quickly. […]

The Media, The Web And The Future


Print newspapers and other media giants such as magazines and TV networks are experiencing a serious audience size decline world wide. Internet, blogs, social media and the mobile web has profoundly changed the media landscape and the way people consume information. These changes also applies to the advertising industry where old ad agencies are downsizing […]