Blogging for Money or Respect or Both – What Should It Be?

Blogging for Money or Respect

Money or Respect? When asked this question what do people usually choose? There is no unanimous answer to this question; some will choose money saying the key to earning respect is earning a lot of money. There are others who will choose the latter saying respect is more important, more soul-satisfying and often followed by […]

7 Ways Of How To Boost Commenting On Your Post


Commenting on posts is an excellent way to establish relationships in the online world. Readers and bloggers will be able to notice you easily. In the long run, this may open the door to friendly relationships, guest blog posting opportunities and even new business connections. Additionally, you will be able to get useful backlinks for […]

Blogging tips for professional and splendid blog

An expressive and professional blog is liked by all. So, your blog must be published effectively. There are lots of platforms available to publish your blog, but blogger is one of the most powerful platforms to publish a blog. It is free and has all features which you can customize according to your own need. […]

Inbox Zero for Saner Blogging

Inbox Zero Gmail

One of life’s greatest ‘little’ annoyances is the average email inbox. Cluttered, disorganised, impossible to trawl through and difficult to search (thanks,Google), it can eat precious minutes of your time as you try desperately to locate that ‘important’ brief your boss sent you sometime last month. Add to that the stress of losing, say, a […]

Tips To Get Successful in Blogging in 2013

Making a blog successful is something that requires hard work, research and more careful planning. So, how will you make your blog more interesting than others? How can you keep the visitors coming back to your post? Do you know how to gain traffic? When you have blogs, you need to focus on these things […]

New way, new Bussines, very good results in Nine Months

My decision to fly is the result of persevering desire to do what you want when you want. I’ve made ??a decision that I’ve thought over nine months, the time it takes to gestate a child. and I say it this way, because it is a stage where you form a new life, a new […]

Best Tips for Women Bloggers in 2013

There are a number of things that women can do in order to make themselves the best possible bloggers. These should help any woman out to get her blog to stand out from the competition. These tips involve points relating to social media, planning blog posts and getting each and every post checked to make […]

Evaluate Your Blogging Skill

Writing Articles and expressing your views are not sufficient to develop successful blogs, it requires more than just writing and putting the contents in a proper way. A professional Blogger must know about plan, strategies, Internet market, Zeitgeist, Search basics, Readers psychology, administration, Promotion and Making social Reputation. Here we are discussing few basics but […]